FAQ hypnotherapy
FAQ Hypnotherapy

Does the hypnotherapist control your mind during trance?

No. A common myth about hypnosis is that is mind control and is used to make one behave foolishly. This myth is  inaccurate. Firstly, you have awareness throughout the trance, you will not lose control of your mind and you cannot be controlled anyway. As far as you acting embarrassingly, this myth comes from stage hypnosis and fiction, where participants allow themselves to participate in frivolous suggestions. Hypnotherapy is clinical and based on many decades of research from famous psychologists. Clinical hypnotherapy is not entertainment.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of focused attention, a deeper level of consciousness, when your conscious and unconscious mind are both focusing on the same thing. When you are in this state you still have awareness, it’s like daydreaming. You will be more receptive to the positive suggestions via imagery language patterns and guided mediation, when in this state, and this can help with changing negative patterns of thinking. In fact, we go into a light trance/hypnosis many times a day, when we are absorbed in the moment, blissed out, and in a relaxed focused state, whether this is when we are walking, exercising, cooking, meditating, dancing. I’m sure you’re familiar with doing things on auto pilot; driving somewhere that you’ve driven so many times, that you are driving without thinking. This is trance, it is a natural every day state of consciousness. In fact, trance is our default mode; when we are daydreaming, we are coming up with solutions and creative ideas.

Will it be ok to drive afterwards?

Yes, you will be fine to drive afterwards. That chilled out yet focused feeling that you feel after yoga or a massage  is very similar to  how you feel after hypnotherapy.  Post hypnotherapy, you will be relaxed yet energised and focused.

What if I don’t wake Up?

You will have no problem waking up; when you are in a trance state, you still have awareness and control and will hear everything I say.

How many sessions will I need?

When treating phobias, you will need 4 sessions, with other conditions it varies from person to person. Treatment of depression or anxiety may require approximately 8-12, though could be less or more.

Is it Confidential?

Yes, 100%
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