Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a psychotherapy from the James Braid tradition. It uses the latest findings in neuroscience and uses trance. It is brain based: each session involves explanations of how the brain works, in an interesting and easy to comprehend way.

Solution focused hypnotherapy incorporates elements of cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro linguistic programming.  It is a client lead therapy, which operates from a place of seeing the client as the expert in their own life who has all the necessary solutions and resources to make changes.

It is a future orientated, positive approach that focuses on the solutions needed to  create your desired future, rather than delving into past problems or current issues. It’s about focusing on how you want things to be, rather than on how you don’t want them to be. It helps you to envisage realistic goals and for you to go on to achieve them through discovering your own inner resources and courage to make changes for the better.

Solution focused hypnotherapy uses trance to help you to access your own inner rehearsal default mode. It may be a brief therapy yet the deep changes can last a life time.