I began having sessions with Natalie, approximately weekly, in early December about four and a half months ago. Although I have had periods of anxiety in my life, when I began the sessions I wasn’t feeling any particular discomfort or feeling that I had problem areas in my life. Rather, I was looking forward to optimizing my musical performances (I play bass in two bands), and seeing what else hypnotherapy might offer. Since beginning, I have noticed the following improvements: Greater comfort and ease while playing, both while playing shows and at rehearsal, greater depth and easier access to relaxed states during meditation, an easier time handling ‘hot button’ stresses, such as while driving or in other circumstances. I do respond to stresses in the old way at times. Anger, irritability, sadness, and the whole crew of negative emotions can pop up quickly and take over for a time. But as they begin to grow, I have an easier time becoming aware of them and not feeding them. A moment of irritation doesn’t have to become a full-on sulk. A flash of anger doesn’t have to turn into an internal tirade. There is awareness – and I know this relates directly to some of the scripts of the sessions – that it is better to focus on positive experiences and not to feed negative emotions. Perhaps my years of meditation are also helping (I like to think so), but hypnotherapy has more overtly helped than anything else.

Stress & Anxiety

My reasons for coming to Natalie were mainly stress and anxiety related but we ended up working on a much deeper level. I was unsure as to what to expect but feel it has made such a positive change to my life, I’m grateful for the difference she has made. Natalie made me feel very comfortable and relaxed from the very first time we met. Her approach was confident and professional whilst being responsive. Natalie explained her methods and possible outcomes within a short focused period of time and put me at ease instantly. Natalie’s manner enabled me to relax and respond to the hypnotherapy. I feel I have benefited hugely from Natalie’s skills and feel confident to continue with the voice recording that was given to me.