Hypnotherapy For Menopause

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy for Menopause, Natalie Delahaye, Image from Pixabay
Hypnotherapy for menopause with Natalie Delahaye

Hypnotherapy can help with the physical and mental symptoms of menopause such as the reduction of hot flushes, sleep issues, anxiety, lack of spark, brain fog and weight gain, to name a few.  Whilst menopause is defined as a year following your final period, the peri-menopause phase can begin many years prior to that.

Alongside being a Solution- Focused hypnotherapist, I am a ‘Mindful Menopause’ practitioner. I specialise in helping people make positive mindset changes during their menopause transition. Beliefs, expectations and attitudes around menopause can inform one’s  experience of it.  Hypnotherapy can help you to reframe any limiting beliefs and attitudes.

 Positive changes are made in the neural pathways during the theta and alpha brainwaves experienced during a hypnotic trance.  I use language patterns in the visualisations, tailored to your unique menopause experience, that will help with symptoms as well as balance your REM sleep. During your deep relaxation, you can adjust any unhelpful, outmoded beliefs  from negative to positive attitudes around menopause and regain a sense of control  and equilibrium over your body and mind.

Who are Mindful Menopause Hypnotherapy sessions and workshops aimed at?

People going through peri-menopause, menopause or post-menopause.

For people who are 40 to 60 (or sometimes younger or older) and are soon to commence peri-menopause, commencing it or in the throes of the menopause onset. If you are in your late 30’s and throughout your 50’s and you are starting to feel more anxious than usual, having sleep issues, hot flushes, low mood, weight gain, loss of spark/confidence and are developing phobias;  have you considered that these could be associated with menopause?

Imaging studies created by neuroscientists have shown that the changes during peri-menopause are driven by the brain rather than ovaries.

Whether you are considering HRT, already taking HRT, unable to take HRT, or choose not to,  talking therapies such as Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, (that is incorporated in the Solution Focused model I work with) in all these cases, are extremely helpful during these transitional years. 

Hypnotherapy Sessions and workshops

I practice from a Therapy Room in a tranquil, beautiful setting with parking space in central Farnham by the station.

You can see me for a block of hypnotherapy sessions, specifically tailored for Menopause , either locally at my practice in Surrey or online via zoom.
I am also running group workshop events.

These group workshops held in Farnham, Surrey will consist of a maximum of 4 people, to ensure a rapport with each other. If you prefer to have the workshops with a friendship group, that can be arranged. There will be 6 workshops, of  an hour and a half. For more details contact me. For those who are not local, I am planning on running online Menopause and Hypnotherapy workshops.

I can teach you some useful skills and tools to take home with you for you to use in every day life, during your menopause journey and beyond.


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Your Vision for 2020

your 2020 vision. Natalie Delahaye hypnotherapy

Your Vision for 2020

A new Year and a new decade. The desire to start afresh and envision lasting changes seems more essential than ever.

Having the right mindset is paramount to achieving your New Year Resolutions.
It is important to set a clear intention, to be clear about why you are determined to make changes and to be passionate about what you wish to manifest. Mentally rehearse your desired achievement in your mind, imagine you have already received it and carry with you the elated feeling you will have on the attainment of that goal you are setting.

Creating a 2020 vision board can be an effective step in goal setting. It helps to pin down your vision and make it tangible. Commit to looking at it every day and reminding yourself of what you wish to create. Your vision board can be a work in progress that you add to as your visions expand.

Be mindful that your goals really are aligned to you, rather than someone else’s expectations and dreams for you.

Why is it that less than 25% of people remain committed to their new resolutions and only 10% achieve them before January has ended?

The difference between the person who manifests what they desire and the one who doesn’t, is clarity of intention as well as having a definite goal. Lots of people are just hoping for change, they intellectually desire something new without a powerful emotion driving them.

Another reason why so few people achieve their New Year resolutions, is that they set too many goals and become overwhelmed, when they simply need to focus on one thing at the time and concentrate on a one step at a time approach, rather than racing ahead to the finishing line, with no practical method of how to get from a to b.

How hypnotherapy can help you achieve your vision for 2020

Hypnotherapy helps you to get into the ‘yes you can’ frame of mind, The more we practise being in this motivated, solution focused mode of thinking, the more we can properly assess situations in a focused, calm, logical way and come up with innovative, creative solutions for achieving those goals.

Hypnotherapy helps you with limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from reaching your potential. There could be an outdated mental program that wrongly imagines ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t deserve that’, or ‘I’m too old to make changes’.

Modern neuroscience proves that our brain rewires itself, it is malleable, and can change, as opposed to being hard wired and static. Therefore, contrary to what science used to claim, you can teach an old dog new tricks, it is never too late to make changes.

Hypnotherapy can help in you to make changes, discover your resources and formulate a plan for reaching your preferred future and becoming the best version of you. It can help to increase motivation, re-frame negative forecasting with positive forecasting. It is an effective way for helping  anxiety, lack of confidence, phobias, sleep management, stress and many more issues too.

If you require some assistance with achieving your vision for 2020, contact me.