Your Vision for 2020

your 2020 vision. Natalie Delahaye hypnotherapy

Your Vision for 2020

A new Year and a new decade. The desire to start afresh and envision lasting changes seems more essential than ever.

Having the right mindset is paramount to achieving your New Year Resolutions.
It is important to set a clear intention, to be clear about why you are determined to make changes and to be passionate about what you wish to manifest. Mentally rehearse your desired achievement in your mind, imagine you have already received it and carry with you the elated feeling you will have on the attainment of that goal you are setting.

Creating a 2020 vision board can be an effective step in goal setting. It helps to pin down your vision and make it tangible. Commit to looking at it every day and reminding yourself of what you wish to create. Your vision board can be a work in progress that you add to as your visions expand.

Be mindful that your goals really are aligned to you, rather than someone else’s expectations and dreams for you.

Why is it that less than 25% of people remain committed to their new resolutions and only 10% achieve them before January has ended?

The difference between the person who manifests what they desire and the one who doesn’t, is clarity of intention as well as having a definite goal. Lots of people are just hoping for change, they intellectually desire something new without a powerful emotion driving them.

Another reason why so few people achieve their New Year resolutions, is that they set too many goals and become overwhelmed, when they simply need to focus on one thing at the time and concentrate on a one step at a time approach, rather than racing ahead to the finishing line, with no practical method of how to get from a to b.

How hypnotherapy can help you achieve your vision for 2020

Hypnotherapy helps you to get into the ‘yes you can’ frame of mind, The more we practise being in this motivated, solution focused mode of thinking, the more we can properly assess situations in a focused, calm, logical way and come up with innovative, creative solutions for achieving those goals.

Hypnotherapy helps you with limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from reaching your potential. There could be an outdated mental program that wrongly imagines ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I don’t deserve that’, or ‘I’m too old to make changes’.

Modern neuroscience proves that our brain rewires itself, it is malleable, and can change, as opposed to being hard wired and static. Therefore, contrary to what science used to claim, you can teach an old dog new tricks, it is never too late to make changes.

Hypnotherapy can help in you to make changes, discover your resources and formulate a plan for reaching your preferred future and becoming the best version of you. It can help to increase motivation, re-frame negative forecasting with positive forecasting. It is an effective way for helping  anxiety, lack of confidence, phobias, sleep management, stress and many more issues too.

If you require some assistance with achieving your vision for 2020, contact me.

How Did you Sleep Last Night?

Mental Stress Bucket REM Hypnotherapy

Do your worries regularly wake you up at 4am? Is it hard to get back to sleep? Difficulties getting to sleep and waking up exhausted? Solution Focused  Hypnotherapy can help.

We all have a metaphorical mental stress bucket, in which we fill daily with the stresses of the day. Luckily, we can empty that bucket at night, during REM (rapid eye movement). You know that well known saying ‘sleep on it’? When something really upsets you during the day but when you wake up the next morning, you are no longer stressed about the situation? Well that is REM! At night we re-run the events of the day and move them from being an emotional memory to a narrative memory that we have control over. We file it away and forget about it.

Mental Stress Bucket REM Hypnotherapy
Mental Stress Bucket REM

However, sometimes our mental stress bucket overflows as we are piling too much into it, and no matter how much sleep we have, we are not feeling refreshed and cannot shake off our stress. This happens when there is too much on our plates. and when this happens, we need some assistance in releasing the tension. This is where solution focused hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis/trance replicates Rapid Eye Movement sleep. Just one trance session of 20 minutes is the equivalent  of 4 hours sleep.  It  will help you to empty your stress buckets, feel more positive, and improve your sleep patterns.

After the initial consultation, I will give you a free relaxation track to listen to before going to sleep, which will help to release the stresses of the day and relax. The sessions are an hour, including 25 minutes of hypnosis.

During the initial consultation, I will explain how the therapy works and how it can improve your sleep patterns, as well as helping with other areas of your life.

Do get in touch if this is something you feel you could benefit from.

Best wishes, Natalie